Life without Drama

Since I've made a choice to live my life drama free,it's so much more peaceful and happy.
It's all about making a conscious effort in not partaking in drama.Some people will always have it in there lives because habits and choices they make.
Here are a couple ways I've chosen to built healthy boundries.Just listening and not try and fix the problem.And to speak the truth.Directing them to a mentor or a counselor.Also to say something positive about the person they are talking about.What has probably made a huge difference is I'm
Choosing my friends more wisely.Not that I don't have friends that are drama I just choose to love them at a arms length.Which is not always easy for me.
I'm amazed at what a big difference it makes to have friends that are happy with who they are and love the life they have.Seems like they then can also have healthy relationships with others.
I always say when you got daughters,there's no room for mama to have drama:)
Slowly my life is turning around.I live with the fact that life is all about choices.Ask myself daily will you be happy with this choice tomorrow morning?And it usually is easy to know what's the right choice.
Don't let another persons mistakes rob you of your joys.
So thankful for my forgiving Father and his never ending love.
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