Amish Dawdy House

My parents just moved into their new dowdy house. Dawdy in amish stands for grandpa. It is sorta of like a retirement home but on their own property. I'll show you the process on what we had going on this summer. They already had lived next door to our house,but this house got build a little closer beside our house. My parents are still amish and drive the horse and buggy.
June 6th was when they started taking down trees and grinding out stumps.
In July,they started digging dirt.


This was on my Dads birthday,that they were laying the footer of their new house.

At this point I quit caring about the trucks and porta johns in my front yard.

Or all the piles of dirt.

They only have a crawl space for their basement as Mom didn't want a basement but also wanted a wood floor instead of concrete.
Dad put a water thermo heat and cooling system in. He dug a hole 15 feet deep for the cool line. We will see next summer if that will be their Amish air conditioner.
The walls went up fast.
We'd take a daily walk over to see what has changed.
Syd was by far the biggest fan of dowdy's house. She could tell you every detail in the whole house.
The brick layers had a lot of brick to lay.
This is before the brick were layed. Looking out my front window.
When they first were starting to build their house. I was part of my friend's project with a parade of homes house in Columbus. So they got a driver to drive them to see houses and get ideas. This is my parents at the show.
I was serving food in the kitchen that my friend designed. Notice the window in the cabinet behind me.
That is where they got this idea. It allows them to see when someones parked in front of their garage. Where they wouldnt been able to see.

They put in all eliminate floors.

We had a busy summer. Not only were they building a new home,but our church was building a big new building.

There was also allot of digging going on at our house too. One the projects we did,were we dug lines to hook up to their new well that has good water. We have always had a bad well at our house. That we'd drink fresh spring water that we always had to go fetch. This has been such a blessing to be able to drink right out of faucet and not have to use a water softner.
Sydni wasn't happy for school to start this year. She was scared she'd miss out of something.

Oh forgot to mention in the middle of our crazy busy summer. I also started a new business.
Was so blessed with this business,but not going to lie it was many times I said whats up with it all happening in one summer.

This was an exciting day when the Shrock's Cabinet trucks showed up.

Here they are being installed.

Remember this night as we had a bright harvest moon over their new house. A big PTL moment.

They are building a big side walk from our house to theirs. The kids call it the highway to Mommy's(grandmas).

Dad's barn for his horse and Mom's pony.

These pictures are not in the right order but it will have to do.
This is my Dad's office.

The pantry. Ok this makes me just a little jealous. But happy for Mom cause she has space and can reach things.

They wanted low maintenance on landscaping so they put these white stones around the house.
This is such a cute little cabinet in her master bathroom. I got the idea off of Pinterest. It is for her toilet paper,pluncher and brush.
This was my Dads clever idea to put a door in the bathroom wall so he can just reach in walkin closet and get his shirt when he gets dressed.

This is the veiw from her living room. You can see her little barn that holds her freezers and phone. Then in the back you can see our house.

Welcome to Levi and Clara's!

My Mom still loves have all her canned goods.

They have a extra wide hallway that goes out to garage.

Living room. They have a open concept floor plan.

Love the wood grain floor.

This is their new king size bed. That we discovered on move in night that Mommy will never be able to get up into. So now she uses a stool and said its fine.
Here my girls are being silly on moving night. They were wearing Dawdy and Mommy's hat and bonnet.

On their outdoor patio's they got Keim Concrete to stamp concrete it. Her porches look like wood and patios like cobblestones.

This is their freezer/phone house,and path to our house. They hyper seeded the grass yet. Hope for nice weather to get it started yet before snow falls.

That was my grandmas china cabinet.

Who wouldn't love this double wastebasket in their sink and a cutting board above it that you can scoot the scraps in the basket.

This is a storage in or garage where they keep table and chairs.

This is their back porch.

She wants to put roses in this flowerbed in spring.

A kitchen garage she keeps her Bosch mixer in. That you can buy at Walnut Creek Cheese.

Another idea off of Pinterest. To put a drawer in bottom of sinks.
She has 2 broom closets. One in kitchen and one in garage.

Master bathroom.

Dutch pantry in her kitchen sink.

Love her hickory cabinets and granite counter top.

Yes Amish can have garage doors. They just park buggies in them instead cars.

More Dads office.
This is the storage above garage.

I'd say it about time Dad takes off the hat and takes it easy. Been a lot of decision making and labor for them to be in their new house in only 3 month total.

All the doors are extra wide and solid oak.
This is a pocket door in their walk in closet.

A jacuzzi tub to re coop.

My Mom's laundry room.

The steps to storage.

They like their drop bar to eat at.

For the dish towels to dry. The cabinet has vents inside so the heat from stove can come through.

She only has 3 lazy susans.

Guest bathroom.
Guest bedroom.

Canning kitchen in garage.

Had fun helping her pick these out.

Closer look at her pinterest cabinet in bathroom.
Hope you enjoyed the tour of the Dawdy house and I'm sure you are all welcome stop by and see them. Never say never and dream and pray BIG!


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