Gingerbread House In The Country

I'm guessing it was about a month ago, while I was driving my daughter to soccer practice, that I once again admired this sweet gingerbread house in the country. I slowed down enough for my daughter to snap this picture, I posted it on my Instgram account, and I breathed a prayer that I'd someday know the lady that lives there. It was just one of those silly little talks you have with God. You know the kind. The ones you don't think are all that important.
On our way home, we passed the house again. This time, the owner was outside, so I just had to do it. I slowed down, stuck my head out the window, and yelled, "I love your house!" Just as you might imagine, the response was a look that said,  "What kind of crazy woman are you?!" Of course, I couldn't blame her. 
Before long, there was a response on my Instagram that one my followers knows the lady who lives in this SWEET dream house.
Long story short, the owner emailed me, and this morning she invited me to stop by to see this darling abode up close and in-person. 

The landscaping is as amazing as the house is itself.
I love this patio leading to her sun porch that's covered in climbing wisteria. You can also see her grapevine arbor in the background.

 If you look closely, you will see the kitty that greeted me hanging out on top of the roof.
I felt like I was in a scene from a movie.

This home was so cozy, and I can honestly say at this moment that if I had a pick of any home I'd want to move into at this moment, it would be this one-of-a-kind homestead, adorably decorated for fall.

This is the lady who makes the house a home, along with her two sweet little girls.
She told me her husband had just made this arbor out of old doors, and she wants to transplant honeysuckle to climb over this welcoming archway.

Loved her wrap-around porch.

 Her herb gardens with the big flowerpots hanging on the picket fence also caught my eye.

This was a photographer's dream place to take pictures, especially with this quaint little red corn crib.

A pear tree was heavy with fruit in her back yard.

This morning glory was climbing up the side of their barn.

This was the courtyard in the back of the house.

As I peeked into this shed, I suggested she should move these chicken coops into her mudroom for shoe storage. She loved the idea, but informed me she's getting chickens soon. One more reason I want to live here! Having my own chickens is on my bucket list.

 I think I'd drink my coffee on this magazine worthy front porch year-round!

This gate had a slight pink tone to it. Rust glam heaven right there!

Check these amazing hardwood floors throughout the house.

This bathroom still had the old-fashioned toilet tank...

...along with the claw foot tub.

I admired her curtain and this lamp made of an old carboy. She said she found it at a garage sale, along with the burlap shade, for only $5. 

Her master bathroom is her place of peace at the end of the day.

She is the mother of two busy little girls she patiently picked up after as we moved from room to room.

She cut off the bottom of a burlap bag for these curtains.

This wreath was made from coffee filters.

This chandelier in the entryway was stunning.

They dug this cabinet out of the barn and refurbished it for a TV stand in their family room.

As I left her house, I handed her fresh-cut flowers from my house, along with some granola.
What she gave me by opening up her home for a tour was priceless. Not only did God use her to answer a prayer that gave me more faith, but I also felt like I had received an inspiring new friend today.
Funny thing is, she follows my blogs and told me she'd love for me to write a blog about it.
I hope this blog inspires you to believe in all your prayers and look for new friends every day! 

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