The Little Lady In The Little House In Pinecraft Sarasota

Today, I had the privilege of taking a tour through my friend Katie's house.
It wasn't until afterward that I found out I was one of the very few people she lets take a tour of her house, so that made me feel even more special. I asked her if it was okay to write this blog about her house, and she said she'd love it.
This gives you an idea of just how small her house is. I think my car was longer than her house, which is 8' x 24'.
This custom-made chair is where she edits the pictures she takes and writes her blogs over at katie-troyer.blogspot.com, which is how we met. 
Sydni liked all her small stuff.
I remember voting for this photo in a contest she entered and won.
Her brother Roman built this house for her. Katie left the Amish lifestyle when she was 44 years old. When I asked her if she's happy with the house, she  said yes, but she wouldn't mind having a little more space so her sister Edna, also a dwarf, could spend more time with her. "But I have enough to make it," she said, "and so that's okay."
She makes her own homemade wine. She was telling me about it the night before when we had her over for dinner.
She visited us at our house, and we grilled scallops. It was her first time ever having scallops.
 As she was climbing up on our full-sized couch or chairs, she'd say, "I'm fine. I'll just climb up on it like a three-year-old."
 Sorry. I got side-tracked. Now we are back at her house following her to her bedroom.
She's showing me how she sews sunbonnets here. She keeps her supplies in her dad's antique lunch box.
Sydni loved this little easy chair, too.
The chair had an absolutely beautiful quilt on it that Katie made.
Do you see all the little blocks that make one large block?
These were her shoes.
She sat here and...
...Sydni sat on her bed, topped with a crib mattress. I just stood there feeling like I filled up the rest of the room! I was scared I would break something if I sat down!
Here is a picture of us taking her home last evening. She couldn't see out, but she still enjoyed the ride.
My guess is you might get out of washing dishes at her house.

Next, she said "Lets go ride bikes, Sydni!"
Here, she was putting the seat back for her.
Off they went, racing down the street.
Katie is in a motorized bike, and Sydni is in a Sydni-powered one.
Here, she is showing Sydni how to ride the motorized one. She told her how special she was, because she never lets others ride it.
Her bike is fashioned from an electric scooter.
She even had mini plants in front of her house.
We have been so blessed by getting to hear Katie's story. She is strong in spirit and faith and loves life.
Our lives have both been blessed after seeing life through Katie's eyes. We hugged and kissed our goodbyes and walked to car, and then Katie yelled, "Love you!" One word is all I can say--"Precious!"


Katie Troyer said...

Lena, I love seeing myself and house through your eyes. This blog is every bit as good as hearing Sydni's version of her Pioneer Trails bus ride down here. It broadens our perspective of life if we can see through other peoples' eyes.

Viola said...

Thank you Lena! These are awesome. And thank you Katie for letting her post these. I had the priviledge of seeing her little home once too, and it was so fascinating to my, then 2 and 10 year old girls. :)