Drive Down The Rich And Famous Street

Yesterday we drove down the coast to Casey Key. We have driven down this cozy path many times,but this time I decided to take you along.
It is a little road that is surrounded by beautiful homes and rumor has it Oprah has a home on the street.
So we also say the "do you think that is her house?"
If you've read my blogs before you'll know this one my favorite ones.
The plants are so close to the car you can touch them. Syd likes taking pictures as much as her Mama.
Can you imagine all the generations of memories that were made on this dock.
This is a always busy restaurant on the north end of the road. Have yet to try it.
Who'd like to clean this house?
The flowers are just like I had imagined the Florida flowers are when I was a little Amish girl. Used to dream about someday seeing them. Now am so blessed with the privilege to see them more then I ever dreamed of.
Liked the two brave lions keeping watch over this house.
More beautiful flowers.
Oh maybe that one is hers.
Got this cool capture in one of the mirrors.
We enjoyed the ride with the top down singing in the wind and smelling the ocean. Always motioning anyone that drove up behind us to just go around us.So we can stop and take more pictures anytime we want. Do you feel like your riding in the back seat yet?
Really liked everything about this entrance to garage.
Some locals were out on their bikes but no Oprah.

You will never believe who we found at thee end of are drive on Casey Key beach.
Ha got ya!
Hope your not disappointed,he was a gem after all.
We captures these pictures on our ride back from one paradise into the next.
Hope you enjoyed the drive as much as we did. Capture the moments and share them with others!

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