Sharky's In Venice

I have always heard rave about Sharkey's Restaurant in Venice, Florida so one day we decided to go see what it is like. Loved all the bright colors every where. Thought it would be a more of a formal dining place but was happy with what we found.
OK we will right by the beach:)
Liked the bar seating that over looked the ocean. Was made of those flat surf boards that Quinton always uses to scoot over the edge of the water when he comes with us. Think I could do this by my pool at home?
We got lucky and got a seat over looking the pier,
and even luckier that we arrived on the 25th. They had a special menu for that day celebrating their 25th year in business. The prices were as they were 25 years ago.
First we were served this complimentary tuna salad.
We both got the fish and chips. I know not very healthy but got to say it was best fish n chips ever had.
These people were at the table next to us and the lady loved the Amish and we ended up giving her some of my companies GoGo Bar.
We split the key lime pie. Have been craving a another piece every day since.
All of this was served by our cheerful waitress. That Syd told me to make sure I over tip her cause she was really nice.
Syd took a walk on the pier as we waited for food and captured this
and this shot. It is hard to see but there are 2 dolphins. These shots are always so hard to time. Thought she did well.
Syd was dressed in bright colors and blended right in.
Great color combo.
They must like bright colors as well as we do.
We loved the place and left happy.
Would I drive to Venice again for Sharky's? Yes of course!
If nothing else just for the key lime pie.

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