My Windy Last Day With The Tv Crew

My day didn't go as planned. But ended well.
We woke up to some high winds and decided to just stay home from the beach and hang around the house and get ready to head back home tomorrow.
All at once around 1 I remembered that I had a box that a friend asked me to put on the Pioneer Trails bus to go back up north. So we jumped in car and flew as fast as the wind to see if we can still catch them making their drop off from Holmes County down in Pinecraft.
I pulled in as the bus was pulling out and ran with my box as someone flagged them down. It being my lucky day I caught the bus but so did the camera crew catch me running with my box. Was also my lucky day I wasn't still in my swim suit from laying out.
Thought they were filming my friend Katie but soon realized it is my turn in the spot light as they
put a mic on me and soon the interview began. It was about how Pinecraft turns from a ghost town in summer to a blooming town full of action and excitement in the winter. Of course I talked about my Lena's Amish Gogo Bars(my new business) that has just expanded in to Pinecraft. Which is located in Sarasota Florida.
Definitely would have worn me spanks and some make up if I had a clue what I'd run into on my little mission on delivering my box.
The producer was giving his thumbs up as Syd and Katie were taking pictures. I on the other hand just winged it.
Then off we flew to our dinner plans in Venice.
We even got one more sunset in on our way back. The day was filled with wind,cameras,action,friends and beauty. What more could you ask for on your last day in paradise. Feel so richly blessed with this time of rest for the soul. Life bring it on I'm ready:)

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