Some Florida Pictures You Might Want To See

This is one my favorite sunsets this year.
I'm not going to put these pictures in order of how I took them. This year my IPhone was not letting me put the album up so decided to just do a blog on a couple my favorite pictures. This is at my friend Barbara's house in Venice. As soon as I walked in her house I noticed something new since last visited. I met her three years ago on the beach and we stay in touch and we have this sense that only God can give us. When the other needs prayers we can feel it. I call her my soul sister. She just lost a dear son n law with a battle of cancer. So have been thinking about her allot lately so it was so good to see her.

Every where we went we grabbed a couple GoGo Bars to share with people we met.

My daughter Syd and I had fun on Sunday night at the drum circle on Siesta.

Took this picture soon after I pickup my rental. I still drive our old family van at home.So this definitely was a treat for me. When I got up to rental desk to pick up car,the car I had reserved they were out of. So she talked me into this one for only $15 a day and I returned the favor by giving her one my treats.
Then I went flying down the road thanking the good guy up above and as I felt the stress lift from my shoulders,as I started screaming like I was on a roller coaster till all the stress had left my body,and had a horse throat. There that's my little therapy advice.

I was by myself a couple days to clean the house and do some meetings. Then my daughter joined me. She came on the Amish bus.

This is my sweet friend Barbara I was telling you about.

We always go to Ale House for lobster night.

This was at the Sarasota Farmers market. We visited 3 farmers markets this time.

Syd liked this Snoopy do van. But no sightings of the dog.

We met this colorful lady with this unique hat she got from Peru

This is my friend Dave at the market he has a amazing all natural products,and a heart of gold.His company is Obvita.

This was another pretty evening.

Got my daughter Felicia these at Goodwill. She will be happy.

Told Syd half our budget went for her love for ice cream. We had some in freezer and usually stopped on way home from beach for some too. One day she counted and she had ice cream 4 times.

Met and bought grapefruits from this beautiful lady. She said one day she was late to work cause of her hair 20 years ago. So she never did a thing with them a day since. I thought they were beautiful.

This is one of my happy treats I bought for myself to go along with hummus and fresh salsa.

Met this lady sitting all lonely on a bench at the circle one night so I started talking to her. We talked for a hour and as I was leaving she told I made her day since it was her birthday. AW!

Found these one day as I was walking the beach talking to my BFF on the phone and told her she was my good luck charm.

This was taken downtown Sarasota on one of our night cruises.

This was the day we snuck in to a hotel pool cause it was to windy to lay on the beach. shh!

Crossing the big St Pete bridge.

Seen this dog at the market. Doesn't he look like the Target dog?

Cruising down the street in our blue stang instead of pink Cadillac.

This is the miracle suave I always get from my friend David at the market. Was especially thankful for it this year since I almost cut the tip of my thumb off cooking one evening.

We were about ready to cross the Lido Bridge

This taken at the Ritz. We just cruised in there to get the feel of it.

This was night we drove to Anna Marie.

Hard to see but this lady had a bright pink real corded phone that she hooked up to her phone.I want one!

Our blue baby in front my parents home.

Syd got a bracelet made out of Florida nuts.

The wind was starting to pick up from Sandy.

This shot is my wallpaper on my phone I took it downtown.

This year we seen allot surfers. Wonder why?

We had Katie over for dinner one night. It was her first time having scallops.

My friend Barbara is also a artist. She painted the crab on this pillow. She gave me a red one last year that I still love.
Well this concludes the holiday in paradise. Better go pack the bags and see what the winds in the north have for us. One thing I've learned from this trip is that their is beauty in everything even when the beauty isn't visual.
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