Beauty On A Gloomy Day In Amish Country

There is beauty in even the gloomy days. Liked the candles lit in the windows of this old house.
Have only seen the sun peak out a couple times since we got back from the sunny south. Decided to purposely look for things that give me joy and I see it everywhere despite the gloom.

Here there was a beautiful sunset over our local high school before a big football game. One of the few times it did shine but also appriciated it more.
When I was driving to my daughters school this old barn moved me. Thought of all the stories it would be able tell if it could talk,but in a essence it can talk.
Was moved on how fast this pail filled up for a fundraiser my daughter came up with for their school to raise for the Ronald McDonald House. Its a great team effort.
Here I was enjoying a piece of homemade pumpkin pie with my mother.
Snapped this picture today as I had to make a stop in Farmerstown. Liked the Amish pants and the Amish buggy in the same shot. Was taken right after I seen the first snow drop for this year.
In that area their are so many beautiful Amish farms. The fields have been wet so it has been hard to get their harvest of corn in.
This was taken close to Shreve. Hard to see but the cows were gracing in the meadow.
Want to encourage you to light your candles and enjoy the gloomy weather. It's a great time to be intentional on lighting your candle on the inside too. Maybe by what you read or the company you keep. Maybe you will be someones sunshine on a gloomy day!

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