Painting I Said I'd Do 6 Month Ago


Today was the day I finally painted my daughter Sydni's room. She has been REALLY patient with this Mama. I had promised her in the beginning of summer already.
She informed me these are all the excuses I used.
Soon as Parade of Homes is over
Soon as I get my business up and going
Soon as our Anniversary is over
I'm tired Syd
Soon as Dawdy's are in their new house
It's a Sunday and I don't paint on Sundays
Soon as school starts
When I get time
When I come back from Florida
Once Shana's weddings over
Once I'm done canning....
and the list went on and on.
This was her room before.
She had bunk beds in her room before and we sold them and she got this bed from Dawdy and Mommy when they moved. Here she has already had taken off border. Oh yea! That was another excuse I used. Told her I'm not painting till she has her border off. That was a week process this summer. One day she had her cousin Wilma here to help her then next day her cousin Whitney. Have to say was very proud of her cause the border stuck on like cement.
This is after. She picked out the color.
I painted the one wall black to break the color. Was going to put a white chevron design on it but decided to call it a day. Also think it might make the room to busy. Going to look to wall decals later.
Was so thankful that my husband had taped it all off last night or I'm guessing I could have easily came up with another good excuse this morning.
My Mom was going to help me but told her to stay home and take it easy she has been re cooping from her accident she had a month or more ago.She on the mend. So I was on my own and so put on the music and decided to enjoy it. Never realized till today how my mind hadn't had time to be idol at home. So I prayed allot and sang my heart out.
Did the green first and had to give it two coats. Was such a pretty day out to have windows open.
There was a hole where a gas light was removed.
Sure that I didn't handle it the way my hubby would have. But sometimes you just have to do it in a way that it gets done. So yep I taped it shut.
TU DU!!! You don't see anything do you?;)
Love these three colors together. She did a great job at picking out colors. The black was still drying when took this picture.
This chair my friend Cheryl given her in beginning of summer for her new room. Looks great with these colors.
Used only one quart of the black for that one wall and one gallon of green the other three walls. Used every drop of the paint but had enough. Was same with the time management of my day. Got the room all done just in time for Syd to come home from school as I rush off to parent teacher conference. Was wishing I could of been home to hear what she had to say when she seen it.
As was sitting waiting for the conference  looked down and realized I missed a spot or two on cleaning up. I'm such a sloppy painter. Soon I came to realize I came on the wrong night for conference. ugh!
About then the phone rang and was Syd telling me I'm the best Mom in the whole world and she absolutely loves it! She has been in her room most of night and says I LOVE my room every time she walks in it. Had to think how we appreciate things even more when we have wait a long time for it.

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