Following A Dream In Chicago

We flew out early yesterday morning. Because my daughter got picked to be in a fashion/singing/modeling launch from the modeling school shes been attending. This is a rare opportunity and not many get picked from each school. If I'm totally honest I have mixed feelings on this. Very excited but also mixed emotions on the pressure and the vain part of it. This has been Felicia's dream to be a model and go into acting or fashion design. So I'm supporting and praying.
It was early and we were silly on our plane ride out. We left at 6am and got here at 6am. How did that happen?
We met this great violinist at the airport. We stopped and talked to him. His name was Samuel.
We got lucky to have our own beds. We had reserved a single but this even better. Also were blessed to get in our rooms at 7am when we got here.
So we made sure Fee's portfolio was ready and scouted what to do in the city of Chicago with our free day.
We unpacked and these are all her shoes she brought and not to mention she added two more to her collection since.
So we walked to the train station.
We were ready to be inspired for whatever the city had for us.
I always like to challenge myself when I travel to try new things. So wanted to instill that in Felicia as we rode the subway and we read our maps.

The Hotel we are staying at is nice.
The Hyatt Regency at O'Hara.
We got off downtown and walked around The Magnificent Mile.
Felicia for sure wanted to go the The H&M store.
We browsed in and out of stores and we went in here just in honor of my friend Dixie. Since its her favorite store. I found a holiday skirt that was $109. for only $14. So I was glad we roamed in here.
One the missions for the day was to eat some good pizza.
So we asked this guy where to find it. Yes I got him to smile.
We wanted to go to Lou Malnati's but was to far so went to one his son's at
It was only 11am,but we didn't care we were hungry for pizza.
We decided to not take taxi's and walk it off afterwards.
We enjoyed the Millennium Park.
The Bean. You can hit that link to read more about it. Such a pretty piece of art.
Love the big sculptors the the city has.
We just kept right on walking past this store. Shana this picture is for you.
Fee was trying to steal the mic from him to say what she has to say.
They were putting up Christmas lights and can't wait to visit later this week at night to see what it will look like.
I would have wanted to stop at every little cafe' and try one new thing.
She was getting frustrated with me and always losing me cause I stopped to take pictures.
But there were so many colorful things and unique people everywhere.
One thing I noticed that there was allot fur and
bright colored cloth every where.
This city also has allot of tame pigeons.

We gave this guy our best seller GoGo Granola Bar.
I like Chicago! It is cleaner and friendlier then NYC.
There are so many historic beautiful buildings.
With a great transportation service.
Once we were tired from being up since 2:30. We headed back to the hotel for a night of rest,relaxing and reflecting. Hope you enjoyed the adventure as much as we did. Try new things and see all those in your presence.

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