My Experience At FlatTop Restraunt

Tonight I was not wanting to lay around hotel and Felicia was to exhausted to go anywhere. So I hopped on the subway and went downtown to find FlatTop.
These were the instructions on the menu.
So first I wrote my name on the stick...
then you had to go fill your bowl with whatever you wanted for your stir fry.
You could pick rice or noodles and
what ever you wanted. There were so many yummy colorful things.
So many sauces too.
Seemed like everyone got stuck at the sauces since there were so many and you had to read what it was. Unlike salad dressings where you can usually tell by the look of it.
Next I took my happeratus over to the table where the chefs were.
Where you picked colored sticks for what ever you wanted them to add like eggs and shrimp and etc.
Then I was lucky enough to have one the seats where I could sit and watch them make it.
Here you can see one of the breads flying in the air,
Soon the counter was full for them to cook another round.
This was my fantastic meal. For $12.
Had enough to take back for Fee too.
It was a great dining experience and a very cozy atmosphere. So next time your in Chicago give it a try.
Then was back out on the street to find my way back to hotel and apparently I made it back or I wouldn't be writing this blog.;0
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