Colorful People On The "L"

This past weekend we visited Chicago and for our transportation we used the "L" to get to downtown and surrounding areas from O Hare.
We picked up this map at airport when we arrived and as you can see we used it allot. All we had to do is follow directions.
We purchased a three day pass when we got there.
We got off at the loop downtown most of the time. Sometimes we would connect to the red line,but most the time we rode the blue line.
It seemed like there was only 3 seconds for the door to open and close to get on or off.
Loved this Lady's style.
Some people slept too.
There were always allot of people traveling on it. Was refreshing to see people still read allot books.
But about 75% of the people were on their phones. I'd estimate 80% of the people had IPhone.
When this lady pulled out her cutting board I was sure the hidden cameras were some where and I was on reality TV. But no she was prepping dinner.
Are those runners legs?
This lady was so pretty and wanted to tell her but have to be careful the hair cut I have right now some ladies think I'm hitting on them when I give them a compliment.
This picture spoke a thousand words.
At the stations and on the ride there were sometimes talented people playing there instruments.
Don't know why but longed to know the lady on the rights story.
We would always hear the "L" come flying before we'd see it.
This guy opened his bible and started to read it.
Sometimes it was so full you could hardly get on it. But in general people were always very polite.
Once your ticket is scanned you can get through.
There was always just colorful people every where. Some where knitting too.
The last day we were there the Cubs were playing Texas. So we seen allot fans wearing cloth to support their teams.
Then when you got off you'd climb the steps to the city.
Love Chicago it is a beautiful and clean city with huge beautiful sculptors and historic churches.
Hope you enjoyed the ride.
Hoping that it didn't put you to sleep.

If it did then put on your head phones and jam out to your favorite music.

Liked this dudes hat and cane. They matched well.
Couldn't help but notice how many people were eating granola bars on the "L". So decided to make a goal for me to ride it in the future that I would see an anonymous person eating one of my GoGo Granola Bar.
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