Vintage Glam Studio Gals Go Picking At A Old House

Saturday brought a crisp fall morning as I looked out my front window and sipped my coffee. The fog lifted and the beautiful sun showed its bright face.

I was so excited to go picking at an old house with my business partner for the new store.

Many of you have been asking me if I just go up to old houses and start looking for treasures. Ha! I wouldn't want to risk my life by being shot at.
Like any other businesses, I believe it's important to build relationships.
This old house is owned by a lady I met at a friend's party last week. I've been blessed by yet another new sweetheart of friend.
She wasn't scared to get dirty and get cobwebs in her hair as we found our treasures.

This front door and screen door were a pretty light mint green.

This house has been sitting vacant for years, as you can tell.

Loved the handles on the old sink cabinet.

This cooling trough was in the walk-in pantry in the summer kitchen, where the spring ran through it in the by-gone days.

This teal wallpaper was stunning...

...as was this fireplace.

Great to see all the greens and teals in these old houses. These would have been steep steps to climb after a hard day's work on the farm.

Summer and I were hiding in a closet that lead to the attic.
Loved all the old doors and detail in this beautiful old house.

Look what we found!!!
An old medicine trunk with medicine bottles. These will be at our Studio for you to buy:)

We also discovered an old typewriter and other rusty funky junk.

The basement was very dark and filled with spider webs. It was worth the thrill of being a little spooked. Well I'm speaking for myself;) Summer was a little hesitant at this point of our picking adventure.

When I laid my eyes on this old unicycle, I felt like I just walked in as Jeff on American Pickers.

We found old crocks and blue mason jars. The rewards were plentiful as we left covered in cobwebs, looking like zombies. 

The little girl who lives by this house was wearing the cutest tailored coat her mom and grandma used to wear when they were her age.

I think Summer is loving our outings as Picker Chicks.

It's always like you step back in time. I often wonder what the walls and doors would tell you if they could talk.
I'm getting so excited for our Tuesday, Oct. 8 opening so you, too, can reap the benefits of our treasure hunts we take for you.
Hope you're enjoying this beautiful fall weather we're having!

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