An Outdoor Family Wedding

Last weekend, we celebrated another family wedding. This time, it was my husband's sister's special day. We had been praying for beautiful fall weather, and the Lord delivered.
It was such an exciting event, and we had been looking forward to it for more reason than one. Our daughter Felicia who is taking DTS with the YWAM program in Colorado got to fly home for the wedding. Felicia (left), was maid of honor, and Sydni, (right) was flower girl. I was so proud of our beautiful daughters.
It was great to be together as a family again.
They had a beautiful outdoor setting at the grooms residence. The guys stacked wood as a back drop for the bridal table. There was lots of burlap and a rustic atmosphere for this dreamy day.
Here are our three kids the week before the wedding. They tried to keep the leaves cleaned up until the day of, and since they were surrounded by trees, this was a daily chore.
As planned, a couple of colorful leaves glided down to set the tone for the perfect fall wedding day!
We felt so blessed with the 75 degree weather all week as we prepared for 275 attendees.
Loved their welcoming sign at the end of the lane--perfect to set the tone for the event.
We arrived at 7 a.m. to set all the tables with the real glass dishes from the Amish wedding trailer they had rented. They served a full course Amish Wedding Dinner.
I admired my mother-in-law as she supported the bride who chose not to stay Amish. My mother-in-law has been a gem with how she has loved her daughter and given her the wedding of her dreams.
As you can see, my sister-in-law Karen was a beautiful bride.
 Here, my son Quinton was being silly during one of the photo shoots on the back road near the ceremony.
My husband and his brother lead the bride down the aisle since they lost their father six years ago. He would have loved this outdoor wedding!
 Bride and mother of the bride.
My two youngest with their grandma.
Felicia was the maid of honor.

Too cute! I was proud of all three kids and how they supported their aunt and now uncle.
Seemed like everything was perfect timing. The sun was setting as the said their vows and the beautiful lights strung in the backyard over the reception area started to glow as people dug into their well-prepared food.
They were too nice to smash the cake;)
The moon was out and the ambiance was on.
It was absolutely a perfect setting for the wedding in the country that many girls dream of.
We are blessed to be a part of a family that loves each other no matter what our differences.
Love your family and count your blessings, for you never know what tomorrow holds.

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