Hi, I'm Lena Schlabach and I'm addicted to Pinterest.
I only have 40 boards, 7,924 pins and 247 likes.
Can't believe I'm going to say this but it is better then any magazine. Because every page is inspirational and there are no adds.
It motivates me to cook and try new things. This chocolate mouse I posted last night looks amazing.
The recipes are included with pictures.
I use the My Style board to put my dream closet on it.It helps me to use the cloth I have on new ideas of what to put together. I never wore grey and yellow together before pinterest. I love going to this board for ideas when I feel like I have nothing to wear.
It is sometimes just one picture that will get me to redo my front porch. Love the white pumpkins.
Great idea for a fall gathering. It is made with a banana.
This is under my DIY board on how to remove salt stains from your uggs.
The nice thing is you can search anything you like, same as you do with google but it has more pictures.
I'm a picture person so keeps my attention.
One my favorite boards is Creative Junk. I pin things on that. It is like trash to treasure things.
Also I create boards for my friends when they are getting married,start a business or are working on a projectS. Like the one Dixie's Down On The Farm. My friend lives in a beautiful old farm house. She is slowly revamping her farmhouse.
These meatballs look so good.
What a great idea.
Love this outfit I pinned last night.
Have also found great blogs I now follow. This is one of them BlissRanch.blogspot.com.
Isn't this a great idea for a entertaining center.
Once I collected enough old shovels I want to do this. Some people get to over whelmed with all the ideas. For me I sorta feel like I already did the project when I re pin it.
The other day I was in a office waiting and was looking at a magazine and was ready to hit re pin button and the magazine didn't have one.lol
That's what I like about the organization of Pinterest. I don't have to store it in my head or organize the pages and recipes I ripped out of them.
Got this great idea for my Mom's new house.
Here it is in her new house(will post a blog soon of her new house). I know she is Amish and can't do pinterest but I showed her the ideas on my phone that I use with the pinterest app.
Got this idea off pinterest too.
This is her new sink in her kitchen and she did this with all her sinks so she can reach all the things in back.
So is there intervention for Pinterest? I have no idea. But as for now I'm going to enjoy the inspiration and ideas I get from it. Hope you follow me and I can share the ideas with you too. Have a blessed weekend where ever you are.
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