A Lena Day

 Wanted to share with all of you what my Lena Day consisted of today.First a want to tell you I believe in theory of you got to take care of yourself in order to take care of others.I woke up to it snowing beautifully.It was like a kiss from God.So watched it snow while I sipped my coffee or two;)
Then got dressed and picked a outfit that made feel special and sparkly.Then went to Java Jo's and used a gift card I got from a client.By this time I was caffeine up sorta feeling like the Pepsi truck at the stop light commercial a couple years ago.
Then headed to Kamali(nicer resale clothing)in Sugarcreek.My daughter had $15 of cloth she bought from me.And i spend $18.65 so thought I did well.These are some earring's I got.And also got this floral shirt that I still cant decide if it is old lady ish.
Next I went to Allen's aunt Katie's for lunch.And to my surprise his mom and other aunt were there too.Katie is Amish so the noon meal consisted of poor mans steak,mashed potatoes,fresh corn,homemade bread,strawberry jam,ribbon salad,and a graham cracker fluff pudding.Oh and yes more coffee.The fellowship was nonstop and good.
Next was off to get a awesome massage by my friend Shana.We have a trade system of our services that i feel so blessed to have.
My next stop was to meet a friend at Wallhouse for some "better then sex" ice cream that i do believe they call butter pecan delight.And by this time I'm drinking decaf coffee.Those 2 hours flew by so fast and we solved the whole worlds problems including our own .We departed with a hug and "I love yous"
Almost couldn't wait to hit the next thrift store in Shanesville.I got a light for Felicia's room and a basket.
My next two stops were both at thrift stores but walked out empty handed.Nothing there i couldn't live without.
Next stop was to the dreaded walmart to get movies from red box.And pick up a couple supplies.Love their french bread for $1.60 a loaf.Ok the I'm off to Rhodes to pick up hummus and pecan crackers and see my fav/friend that works their as a cashier that's like sunshine on this dreary day.And another stop at the dollar store to buy my tide with bleach(only brand I buy and always gets all stains)and our dog Daisy's food.Of course by that time I'm ready to relax in tanning bed and pretend I'm on vacation in the south somewhere.And after that I got one more stop off to Pizza Hut for their $10 pizza special to bring home for the family.
This my friends is what blessed me on this Lena Day!
*left out a lot of little details that made me feel happy like the sunset,Pandora,the cute old couple,the kind text,the hug and the list goes on:)
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