Our Day Looking For Treasures

This morning I got up and told my girls lets go look for treasures and get inspired. Felicia wasn't game so Sydni and me decided to do it anyway. In this picture she is wearing a Amish bonnet. It is the kind that the very strict Amish wear. The one on the shelf behind her is what I used to wear and my Mom still wears but mostly to church. The Bonnet is what goes on top of their cap when they go away. The stricter the church the more they have to wear it to store and everywhere.
Funny little store that is off subject of this blog. Remember on my last day of school driving home in horse and buggy and throwing the school bonnet in the creek. Need I say more. (please no comments on this;))
We first had to make a delivery to deliver this care package.
We were going to set the gift by her front door and ring doorbell and drive away, but our plan didn't work when their child was outside playing. But it all worked out good.
Then we were off to find a thrift store close to Mt Hope called the Trading post.
As we came up to this crossroad we seen this horse and buggy. It was beautiful out and we soon found out people were out and about.
This is my crazy funny daughter. She came around a corner and pretended to be a Granny with these glasses on. Never a dull moment with her humor.
As we searched for our treasures and not keeping track of time.

These were our treasures we found there. I will show in future blogs how I will use some of these things. Felicia loved the soft cashmere sweater that we got her too.
Next we took the country route to Wooster. On the way we seen this old school bus with a water tank on top of it in the middle of the field. Was driving my Mom past, a couple weeks ago and she informed me its a Amish Organic Chicken Coop. So we turn around to take a picture. I'd consider this a treasure.
Next we stopped by Habitat For Humanity on the south side of town.
She also wanted to see where the homeless lived in tents. So we drove by a couple times till she got her fill.
She was at aw with all the different color toilets at this place.
These were the treasures we found there.
Next we went to the store she has been begging me to take her Pat Catans. She has been saving her money for this.
Here it has found its home in her room. It has already had on many outfits in the past couple hours.
These are my treasures I found today and it makes me happy. This sparkling diamond water glass from Odd Lots for only $4. and the grass for a $1. at Friendtique also this lamp cover I got for only $2. that serves as a globe.
Needed this day to be inspired and to spend one on one time with Syd to talk about things in school and funny things she says that I love about her.
Sometimes I get inspired with music,reading blogs on things that interest me,do a good deed,quietness,taking pictures,being open minded,talking to strangers,thrift stores,rest,weather and one thing that I know is you have to be intentional on being inspired. Take advantage of the things around you to get inspired.


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