Glamping With The Family

The word "glamping" means "glamorous camping." I will admit right up front that I'm a prissy when it comes to camping. So we probably wouldn't normally tent-camp 40 miles back in the woods accessible only via horse transportation; however, we glamped by a cabin near Clark where my soon-to-be brother-in-law lives.

As soon as we arrived, there was a downpour. Yes, the table loaded with chips, snacks and all manner of food was completely soaked. Everyone was so laid back, though, they didn't even care, so I tried to go with the flow as my kids said, "Mom, just relax!"
Here, Quinton is hugging Allen's Mom. She's the grandma who taught him to play barn and farm by spending endless hours with him on the floor surrounded by toys. Quinton also treasures the many trips to the Mt. Hope Auction he shared with her when he was a just a toddler.

Here, my girls and I are relaxing by the comforting fire. It seems all you do when you camp--er, I mean glamp--is to be mesmerized by the fire and eat. We also managed to create many memories and enjoy laughter into the wee hours of the morning.
My soon-to-be brother-in-law lives w-a-a-a-y back in the boonies. It's a beautiful landscape as...
...you wind down this quaint gravel road.
We also learned how to make "pixels." You stretch biscuit or crescent roll dough over the end of a wooden broom or shovel handle and roast it over the fire. When it's done baking, you stuff it with a cream cheese filling and pie filling of your choice. It's worth the labor and fuss, because they are out-of-this-world!

Here, Allen and Quinton are having a deep conversation about, which I'm sure has to do with sports;)

I've seen some great Instagram pictures of steel wool fireworks display. So I Googled it and this was our first experiment with this fun project.
It basically involves steel wool, a whisk from a beater, and a wireless drill. I definitely wouldn't recommend you try this at home.;) It was fun and entertaining, to say the least. Maybe next time will be even fancier.
Here, Sydni is sporting her glamping hat. I loved the ambiance the bubble lights gave to the campfire area.
My Mother-n-law and her sister are both widows. They have much in common and are there for each other not only as sisters, but also as friends supporting each other.
Was the messy mud...

and mysterious bugs....

...worth it? Yes, I will publicly confess that I enjoyed glamping this weekend with family. Honey (and all my friends who camp), don't get your hopes up on making a camper out of this city country girl.

We were served a five-star breakfast in the morning.
As we lunched on the front porch of the cabin, we lost track of time while the squirrels and bunnies and singing birds entertained us.
When we began our trip home, I thought of how blessed I was to have family, and for the breathtaking country surroundings I was in. But...

...I was also really happy to go home to my shower and air-conditioned house. I STOPped and took a picture of this stop sign as I noticed the pretty vines on it with the round hay bales in the background.

As I passed local artist Rusty Baker's Legends of Music painted barn of the Beatles and many other well-known stars...
...I also admired this vintage London-style phone booth on his oasis.
Tonight, I feel blessed as we close this long holiday weekend with the sun shining beautifully. I hope your weekend was filled with at least one thing that made you happy.

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