Lena's Garden Shed

I've been missing-in-action for awhile, partly due to the fact that I've been busy with kids who are home for the summer. The other part is that we've been knee-deep in fun with a wonderful backyard project.
This picture above is an "after" shot...
and THIS is a "before" shot. Can you believe it?
I'll admit, I'm embarrassed to show you the "before" pictures of this little building that once served as a junk shed. Notice the baby bed spring mattress in the rafters? You'll see how we used that later! We also gave new life to the white fence boards.
The project only used materials we already had, including the paint. Sydni and her cousin Whitney knocked themselves out with the interior, almost literally! This project took place when the temperatures were climbing to 100 degrees, so we'd work at it for a couple of hours in mornings and evenings, and then we would reward our willpower and hard work with scrumptious smoothies and a dip in the pool. 
Slowly, things started to come together. In the middle of this project, my back gave me fits until I was at its mercy, allowing it to heal and letting my family pitch in and help.
Notice the part on right where it's not painted? That's where Allen sawed a hole for the door.
I was so thankful that Allen painted the ceiling for me. That really brightened things up and made it look a lot bigger.
Since I used paint I had on-hand, we gave the floor a coat of cheery yellow.
As you can see, the opening in back is for a chicken cage.
These doors were hanging around in my garage from another project, just begging to be used.
A fresh coat of leftover paint from our living room project, and BAM! New life!
The hole Allen cut became the new entrance, with the door hung on a rolling barn door track like you see on Pinterest.
I scored this entertainment center free from a Facebook friend! What's better than FREE? I had a blast antiquing it before I even began the garden shed project.
It was perfect for the my fresh, new space.

I had removed the glass from the doors and replaced it with material leftover from another project. So it was perfect to put these ugly speakers in for the radio/cassette/turntable I was lucky enough to find, again, for FREE, from a garage sale.

Finished results! Notice the rusty bed springs I hung up in back of it! Funky!

I snagged treasures from the house to display in a sweet vignette on the entertainment center.
I snapped up this crib at a garage sale for $5. Bought the white tablecloths to cover the foam seating for only .50 cents. I had pillows that were made out of the old burlap bags. too, which nestled in there nicely. 
See what this is? A bunch of blue mason jars arranged in a galvanized tub I found at The Country Living Fair last year. My friend gave me the cool stone coasters when she heard about my shed. Aren't friends wonderful?

I repurposed this old granite matchbox holder for a napkin bin, fastening it to the funky spring with painted clothespins left over from Felicia's graduation party.

We also found this horseshoe in shed.
I love the fact that when we open the back door, the horses are grazing on grass right outside.
I hot-glued another burlap bag on the back of this vintage mirror frame.

It is so peaceful to have my morning coffee out in this oasis of...
 I stenciled RELAX on the little flag burlap banner and used the piece Allen sawed out as a headboard for the cot. He was happy when I asked for the mounted deer head to hang on the wall. It became one my favorite things in shed.  Do you recognize that teal bowl hanging on wall, the one from Quailcrest in my previous blog post? 
The ladder was in shed with pots screwed on from a previous year's flowerbeds. This year, I hadn't used it since I wanted to cut back on watering flowers. So I ripped the pots off, and now I love how it looks in my sweet space.

Here's a trick: I used a piece of laminated flooring, primed it, and added a painted design. 
For the cot, I cut off the legs off an unused custom-made massage table and used the burlap bags that didn't sell at my garage sale, stapling them on the bottom for a runner.
I picked up this galvanized piece at a garage sale. For a buck and a half. We use it to set our drinks on when sitting on chair.

I had the chandelier hanging in one my flowerbeds. The coffee table traveled from the back porch.
I asked my Amish neighbor lady to sew these curtains from my old bedroom curtains and burlap bags. I found the broken rake and shovel in the junk shed when we were cleaning it out. I still want to put a little garden digger on the outside of  the door for a handle.
We removed the long boards in this vinyl fence and replaced them with short ones to give an opening to the backyard. We'd like to spread gravel for the patio.
We've enjoyed many fires by our shed already with the chilly evenings we have been having.

This is my family being silly. We call this glamping in the backyard. It's perfect for us. We can shower and sleep in our own house. Also, the swimming pool is close by...
...as you can see from inside. :-)
I picked up this set of vintage chairs last year at a Goodwill in Columbus for $2.50 each.

My favorite part is probably my curtains and the door.
Found these 4 letters at a Goodwill for only .29 cents a piece. Thought it was perfect since it was a chicken cage before we shabby chic'ed it into our own retreat.
I'm hoping to host you all at one time or

another in this little garden shed, but if it never happens, just come back and visit this blog and use your imagination.
Last evening, I bought this vintage fan at my husband's uncle's sale for only $5. I am so excited to find the perfect spot for it in the shed. We will think of Nelson in heaven as the breeze from the fan blows over us:) Did you see how the teal color in middle matches the colors I used? PURE JOY!
The things I bought for this project were:
Fan $5
2-Spring rods for curtains $6
Paint brushes $5
Cage letters $1

I hope I inspire you to use what you have to make your house into a home.
Enjoy your summer before it slips away!

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