Summer Plans: A Lena Day For My Birthday

What is better than celebrating your birthday!?! My friend Summer planned this day, and I had no idea what we were doing. She said just be at her house by 9am.
So as I flew across the countryside to make it on time, I had great anticipation and was curious and secretly hoped our day involved finding treasures, which is something Summer and I do well as a team. I knew it would involve coffee for sure!.

She welcomed me to her cozy little cottage condo with my birthday present.
This girl knows how to make you feel special and can put detail into gifts like the Pinterest Queen herself.
Fresh tulips, Faithful Little Cupcake, Cottage Gardens magazine, and many other things that truly made me feel special.

I could hardly wait to take my treats home and find the perfect place for them, but I did wait because the day had just begun.

I sneaked one shot of her amazing craft room, then we were off to the fun day of adventuring on our way to finding treasures, just as I'd hoped.

First, she had to go to their family business, Mast Tractor Sales, and drop off her hubby's lunch.
As we were pulling out of the parking lot, we noticed these male and female wild mallard ducks in her in-laws' front yard, so we went to see if they had a nest in the flower beds.

No, we didn't find our first treasure of the day there. As the ducks flew up and away, so did we.

Our first treasure, however, was found at this quaint little eatery called Rebecca's Bistro. Its a local favorite here in Amish Country.

Next we were off to the Walnut Creek Antique Mall, which is within walking distance of where we ate breakfast.

We slowly made our way around the booths, and we were freshly inspired with what one set of eyes missed and the other pointed out.

Like this antique lotion jar that Summer missed and I pointed out. I had no idea she collected them.

We also went home with these old metal filing cabinet drawers, perfect for fairy garden displays.

Let's just say Summer hit the jackpot with the ironstone she snagged up at this favorite store of ours. She was looking for things for her shows at the Country Living Fair in New York in June and the one in Columbus in September, too.

Next, we were off to Marshall's in New Philly. I had never seen such a huge whisk in all my life! I thought it would be perfect for canning my pizza sauce. Or it reminded me of my Live TV show and how I needed it then. Here is the LINK to that.

I couldn't wait to hit our first thrift store. There was a sale, buy one shirt get one free. I found two 100% linen shirts and some porcelain knobs.

The knobs are already in its place on the cabinet I had redone a while ago. You can visit that blog here.

We decided that the next stop had to be the Daily Grind Coffee Shop. As we parked and Summer feed the meter...

...I couldn't help but notice the beautiful old brick building we were parked beside. I mentioned to her that if we were somewhere on vacation, we'd be stopping in our steps to fuss over the amazing architecture on this building.

Love this coffee shop! It's usually filled with hipsters and beautiful people, not to mention the warehouse industrial feel it puts out by its decor.

I'm hoping they will decide to soon carry my Lena's Amish Granola GoGo Granola Bars.;)

They serve amazing fresh food here. I have yet to be disappointed.

Next stop was the Harvest Thrift Store in Sugarcreek where we both picked up only a handful of things. I was happy with this milk glass soap dish, ear rings, and white candles that will probably be burned down by the end of the day. I'm in this mode of lighting a whole bunch of white candles in the evening when the house becomes nice and quiet. I guess it makes me feel like its my birthday every day.

We stopped at the Antique Mall across from Hiland school next, mostly to check out this one lady's booth on the porch that has a French shabby chic flare.

This picture perfectly describes that tone as I round the corner to find Summer standing there with her finger on this rare old garden terrarium. She was like, "I WANT THIS!" 
Ha! I had to laugh at how the rest of the room is blurring in this picture, and, no, I didn't edit it that way.
Yes, it went home with her:)

This is the treasure I found at this place. It's my sweet friend Linda, who I could do a whole blog about. I could go on and on telling you how we met through her sweet Amish mother years ago when her mother was our neighbor. I loved her mother and played many a game of marbles with her. She was the spunkiest, sweetest grandma you ever met--the one who served you coffee that was old and way too strong along with delicious homemade cookies and a few pieces of the kids' old Halloween candy.
I miss her precious soul. Now I get to be reminded of her through my friendship with her daughters and granddaughter.

We stopped off at one more thrift store, and I was on my way back home with my soul filled with happiness. excited to find the perfect spot in our home for my treasures from this special day.
I'm blessed with Summer and what a thoughtful friend she is.
I hope you have a friend in your life you can be who God made you to be, and if you find the treasure before she does, she will admit you found it first, so it's yours:)
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