Birthday Photo Shoot In A Mustard Field

Today our oldest child turned 19.
Felicia is a girl that has a heart for missions and loves to travel with a beautiful heart.
We had a pretty laid back day of strong coffee and laziness.
We decided to go for a ride to get her some chocolate.
When we passed a pasture filled with mustard seed and we decided to stop and take a couple pictures of the birthday girl.
It's hard to mess up on such pretty model and peaceful setting.
She's a beautiful lady on the inside and out.
We quickly snapped some pictures as we seen the rain storms moving in.

I love this shot of the cross bracelet.
Her little sister was getting a couple shots with the IPad.
Stop now Mom!

One more!

I quickly took a shot of a old barn close by.
We are blessed with our daughter. She's filled with spirit and has lived more in her first 19 years of life then most 40 year olds have.
Later I made some chocolate covered strawberries for her to enjoy after her night out with her girlfriends.
Thanks for enjoying the beauty of this blog with me.

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