Our Makeover Kitchen

I will share these pictures in the order that we did the makeover.
Bought these kits at Kiem Lumber.
The first one is for cabinets and 2nd one is for counter top.
Didn't do the sponging design with counter top as suggested.But just did a solid black.And really turned out nice.
This was before picture.
Allen tore out part cabinet so fridge would finally fit where it belonged.
Next he removed all drawers and doors.
We ended up keeping nobs and hinges.And soaked them in strong soap over night and brush scrubbing them,then prime sprayed then sprayed them black.Saved allot money on doing that.

My neighbor/friend Martha painted the cabinets for us.Money well spend,since i came down with flu in middle of project.
Here she gave the first coat of light grey paint.

Here she is wiping stain off that gave it a finished look.

Next was the 4 coats for counter.After it was finish it had to set 3 days before I could set anything on it put worth the wait to get rid of my orange counter top,for only $69.

Think next was the wall that my friend Dixie was so kind to come help with.
I'm still not 100% happy with color of wall.When I started painting it it looked purple ,so ran downstairs in search of black paint and mixed that in till I liked it.And some days I'm ok with color and other days i think I have to get on that =).
Next step was back splash.Did this on day that was very sick.So I was very happy how easy it was.I got these panels at Kiem too,but Lowe's are within a $1 the same price.I cut all pieces before I started gluing them on.
Here's a picture to see how easy it is to cut.

Here things are starting to come together.And waiting on plumber.

Yay! new faucet.
And yes we now have our first garbage disposal.
LOVE the finished project!
Sorry this picture was taken before faucet change.But I had hard time finding right window treatment for this.But settle with last shade that fit with size wise when it was last one in Wooster that fit.Next time id go online to order.
Was very happy with colors.

Finally all is well when coffee maker is back in place.
Finished project.Took us a week from start to finish.But sure you could do it quicker if you didn't work,taxi and go to family functions.
Also replaced this with........
This lamp I had bought a year ago at a second hand store for $7. And painted it a metallic blue.
GOOD LUCK at your next project.And know that its worth it.
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