My Birthday 2012

I woke up with Syd serving me this cup coffee in the new funky mug.
Next thing I know I hear a car tooting its horn in driveway.And here comes my BFF in the front door with a dozen white roses,Jitters cream sticks,coffee and bunch new beautiful handcrafted mugs.*sorry bout bad picture but was a little early for pictures

Next was off to get a massage from my friend Shana.She had a luscious looking cupcake waiting for me.
With this beautiful bracelet she gave me.Its about friendships.Then was off to...
buy our food for our dinner with our friends coming from out of town.Doughty Valley Meats are the best.
And of course I had to stop for some of Louise favorite cinnamon rolls for the next morning.

Next stopped at my Amish friends house and dropped off her present since we celebrate same day.
And would you believe i go home to my nice clean house and check the mail to find i received my passport.YAY!(lookout world):)
Made a huge bowl of fruit for guests.
next had appointment for acupuncture
This is what my my dear husband got me.Was so happy!
We snacked and talked and caught up with our friends till it was time to make supper.
We sat and relaxed while they cooked dinner.What a treat!
Kids waiting on the steak:)
Cheryl and Louie totally spoiled me.Love these tulips!
We went to Uncle Primos to a nice dinner with some dear friends Dave n Sheryl,and Steve and Dixie.

This was at Dave's house afterward where they served us fabulous cake.This is them looking at face book.Of course I was little jealous cause I'm taking a 40 day lent break from face book.
I'm blessed with a good life and give the good Lord all the glory.Received many cards and texts that made me feel very special.
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