Our Drive In the Country On Saint Patty Day

We got lucky to have such a gorgeous day in March.
So we decided to go drive and look for new life in the country.
And there were allot of Amish out enjoying the weather too.
This guy looked like he was up to some trouble.
Isnt it amazing how early the planting started this year.

Did get this photo when we were on our drive but,got it when took my mom and sister the other day to amish stores.The flowers are so bright and vibriant this year.
Syd posing by the water. It was just her and I on this date.
We past this one room school house that had a cute Happy Easter sign on the door.
Syd noticed this,so small and unique.Shes got a eye for pictures.
Have always liked old barns and thought this one was different.Syd thought a horse should have its head outa one window.
Took this shot at...
Very unique place.
This is where we get our fresh spring water out of the country and always gives me peace when I drive here to get our water.
Bloom where your planted:)

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