Sibling Love

These are our three children.Sydni,Felicia and Quinton.
Or Syd,Fee and Q-man.
They are waiting on their plane to Florida here.
Was so proud of them,they flew a separate plane and different connection then me.
Due to full flights when booking.
We were at the beach in a hour after landing.Why waste time when we have thee ocean close by.
This was us reconnected ready to head for beach.(sorry should of put this pic up one)
Oh the memories to make.
The day we went to Anna Marie,where there were huge waves and big birds for Q-man to chase.
Got this cool shot of one that he made lift off.
This picture is sorta blurry but liked how they hadn't aged a bit in this picture.Even though they are 13,10,17(in the next 2 months) they still like watching movies together.
One their favorite foods.And we had it for supper tonight.
We're so blessed with three beautiful healthy children and they all go through different stages at different times of their ages.
Thank you God for blessing us so richly.

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