Felicia is our oldest child.She is soon to turn 17 and she is turning into  a beautiful young women.

Here she is looking for her first prom dress.There have been a lot of first this year.
She got her licence this year too.Proud moment for us all.
This her with her mentor/friend Joy at a wedding we attended.Two beautiful ladies on inside and out.
This was her last fall on vacation.
And this was her now on spring break at Siesta Key.
She has a soft spot in her heart for little kids.This was her at Christmas.
This is her with her best friend Natalie.Love them both.
Her with her cousin Megan dressed in grandmas Amish cloth.
At work,she works at Beauty and the Beach
She was fascinated with these mini bananas.

Felicia's Questions
What do you want to do when you graduate?
Go to college at Kent and study fashion merchandise or design
Whats your favorite website?
Texts from last night
Wheres your favorite place to eat?
Taco Bell or Chipotles
How would you describe yourself?
different,non judgemental,caring,open,unique
Morning or evening?
definitely evening
What inspires you?
Whats your favorite song?
Someone like you by Adele
Who has changed your life?
Whats on top of your bucket list?
Get my own apartment
Dream car?
Convertible Bug
If you could change one thing about your school what would it be?
people on how they are stereo typical
Dream job?
To be a fashion designer in a big city
I don't care what you think cause i don't think of you at all.

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