Quinton is our favorite son.Yes you figured it out hes our only son.He is a boy threw and threw.Does well at staying balanced with his sisters drama.
And loves sports,and looks like his daddy but is even crazier then me.
He i looked out back door and he was singing"I'm sexy and I know it"
Let just say hes never boring.

Its very hard to get a picture of him that's hes not being funny or silly.
This is him on the beach spring break 2012
He we are at a chainsaw carving festival with daddy.
At his 12th birthday party.Hes hugging his best buddy Brenden.
Hes in the stage of air shot guns(much to his moms dismay)
Waiting on the steak to arrive.One of his favorite foods.
At the ice carving festival.
With his daddy.
Him in training to be a good husband.
His 2nd dear first one was a big buck also.
He couldn't wait to get to Florida for corn on the cob.
With his sisters.

Quinton's Questions
Whats your hobby?
airsofting and football and watching sports
Who are your friends?
I don't wanna name them I have so many,but Brenden is my best friend.
Whats best part of you?
I'm kind
Who's your hero?
Whats your favorite food?
bread sticks with Alfredo
What would you like to do before you die?
para sailing
When were you last scared?
Last night,I thought there was another person in the room.
If you could fly anywhere in the the world where would it be?
If you could meet a sports athlete,who would it be?
Payton Manning
Morning or evening?
Gatorade or pop?
Whats the one thing most people don't know about you?
That I'm crazy.
If you had a super power,what would it be?
I could morph into things
If you could change one thing about your schools what would it be?
bring the fries back
Do you like girls?
duh Mom of course,I'm not gay
How many deer have you shot?
2 eight point bucks
what was best part of your vacation so far?
 driving to beach with windows down and us all singing to music as loud as we could.

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