Another Day in Paradise(Holmes County)

This morning I woke up to birds singing and I laid there for a while just realizing how blessed I am living where we do.I always go through a hard time after I get back from Florida.That I ask myself really why can't we live there?So my guess is after today I'll be over it till next time.
So today I had a day off.So decided to go to Mt Hope auction and flee market,and where ever else the path leads me.
And as I go down the road I see all these sheep gazing in a pasture by this pond and the reflection was beautiful.
I stopped off at this new Amish thrift store close to Mt Hope.And was impressed with what they had and prices.The money from the store goes to support a boys camp.
There are a bunch of treasurers and, no I didn't buy these;)
This was a sign I was getting close to the auction.There were 2 little calves in back of this buggy.And allot people on bikes.
Forgot to tell you about Sydni making me a wallet out of duct tape for my day out before she went to school this morning.
I told her I will remember that you can make something out of nothing.And that I'll be reminded that my budget for day is $50.
As soon as I got there I found my treasure of the day.This huge bowl for my herbs or maybe a fairy garden.
There were allot of cool treasures I left for others.
Still thinking about this dude.He was only a $1. but just wasn't sure he'd fit in Ohio.But secretly thinking about seeing if I can go back and capture him next week:)ha I'm talking about the dude(lobster^)not the dude in next picture,lol

There were allot of people out today,with the weather being warmer.
Found this man rather interesting with his purse and gun.
Loved all the fresh veggies and fruit there.
There are allot people in walking distance.So they bring their carts and wagons and bike carts,to load up their goodies.
My guess is there were like 25 buggies all in a row at this very long hitching rail.
This was the cutest little goat and the rear of a Amish lady,and a huge pig in background.I lol when I looked at this picture when I got home.
This lady is always my favorite stand and she makes amazingly beautiful jewelry.Marilyn and he husband have their stand in Florida in winter and in Ohio in summer time.Probably one more reason I like her.
Kind of hard to see but I bought these cool diamond spiders.One way my daughter won't wear my ear rings(she hates spiders)
This is a really bad picture.But look closely its a Amish man trying to decided if he should buy the more modern water jug or the antique metal one all the way on right.
The auction hadn't started yet.
When kids were little they used to LOVE going with Allen's Mom to auction and go back and watch all the animals on cat walk.These calves were all crying for their Mommy's and was sorta sad.
There is always room for one more.
as you can see.
The veggies were a good price.
I was thankful for my bag to carry this whopper to the car.Knew Dad and Mom would be happy I got this for them.
Next I stopped by my sweet little Amish grandma that has these cute grand kids and farm fresh eggs.
And pretty flowers are a very good price.Love the lady!
Next I stopped at another thrift store that I only bought a ball for kids.
This was my next stop.And the one I was most excited for .For more reasons then one.I met my Mom here on her way home from her mini vacation toTennessee.
Cause this is the special only on Wednesday in the spring.
There is none like Boyd and Worthmans.
And there were like 15 cute little Amish ladies enjoying the dandelion gravy also.
Next we walk to Lena's house gift shop to see my friend Katie Mae.And bought this awesome gingerbread oil to make our house smell good.
Wishing I could have this wheel.But was still attached to a wagon.
Loved this picture of this cute little Amish girl that I gave candy.She is 4 and doesn't have to take naps anymore.And she had such a caring soul.She asked if I had one for her sister Mary too.And I told her I'm sorry I don't.And she said its OK she will share.And the fact that my mom is walking in the background makes it even more special.She also let me tie her shoes and wipe her nose for her.
Next we stopped at a Amish store and I made this picture black and white.
Its hard to see but this is the clear table cloth I bought so I can wipe table and still use my favorite table cloth.Got this idea from my friend Missy.
And got a broom and plastic cloth pins all for $9.33.Asked them if they are sure they didn't make mistake.Wow thinking I'll shop there some more.
Today has made me feel so blessed to live where we do and the people that are in my life.

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