Road Trip

Love Road Trips
Yesterday we went on a little road trip to Cincinnati,Ohio
And no I didn't wear this hat.Just tried it on at a resale store and think I might totally be able to rock this hat.
And we decided to take my daughter
Felicia's 1996 Buick .I called it the car that can swagger.And my friend Dixie came up with the white carriage.Good on gas,no air,but cruise control;)
Soon after we left Dixie dug in her purse to get her little book and pen out and started writing a story about our day.And I gave her something to write down right away since we had to turn around and go back home to get life device(phone).
We stopped at Pioneer Restaurant and got a hearty breakfast.This a picture of the girls being silly.Was surprised how much we laughed for it was still early.And a cute little granny,wanted to join us for our road trip cause we were having so much fun.
We were early for our appointment.So we quickly googled goodwill.And we got lost and found this nice higher end goodwill.And Fee and Dixie both lucked out in finding something unique.
And we thought these would be cute on Dixie's husband to wear on Fathers Day.But unfortunately she didn't agree.
We also stopped by a garage sale.And this cute little lady taught Sydni how to play jax.
And they had champagne for .25 cents a bottle.That was the deal of the day.
This was the lady that was selling her stuff so she could move to Philadelphia to be closer to her children and grandchildren.This is the box that her husband gave her jewelry in on their 53rd anniversary.She put Sydni's jax in it.Her children were Dr's and Therapist and she spoke highly of her grandson.It motivated me to pray more for who will be our childrens future partners.And she loved the Lord and we parted by saying we will meet again.Very inspiring lady.
Next we were off to follow a dream that has been in a girls heart ever since she could speak.Felicia has always said she wants to be a fashion designer and this is one experience closer.
And I'm the proud mom standing in back taking pics also.
We stopped in German Village on way home to get some yummy wings.
And we stopped at another Goodwill and Syd was styling and trying to convince Dixie she wanted this ugly dress.This not her best pose of the day.
We had a lot of laughs and dancing to I'm sexy and I know it song.But the biggest treasure is we made memories.
Our last and final stop was in Utica where we were on a search to get Velvet ice cream the mill where it was made was closed but we asked around till we found our last treasure.And I'm finishing it off as I am writing this blog.
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