Dixie's Porch Spring Opener

Dixie's Porch Transformed
This was the before and after shot.But took the after shot when it was dark so not the best picture.
First I met her after work and we went to go get flowers and then we stopped off at a garage sale to get a couple things for porch.And we started off by pressure washing her porch and front of house,and yes I gave them a heart attack by going on the steel roof to wash it.
This is before of porch.
We got a box full of these panels at garage sale for only $5.And we put them up with a heavy wire.And got these bright pillows on clearance at wal-mart.
And opened a grapevine wreath and strung it around front door.Carpet was another clearance at wal-mart.She had all these beautiful crocks and containers.
And she had these table and chairs.Sorta hard to see but got this cute chandelier that's setting in table at garage sale for $7,that we need to hang above table yet.
Welcome to the GRAYS!
My kids gave her this cute fairy garden for being the great grandma that she is.For Mothers Day.Got it at my favorite greenhouse,The Flower Patch.
This will put on a show once the blooms will grow.
Would like to put pillows on these chairs to brighten them up.
Got this shelve at garage sale and pots too.Then planted succulence in them.She has since bought a fern and set it in big crock.
The two pots hanging on wall I got for 99 cent each at garage sale then we put burlap coffee bags in for liners.Cheaper then buying liners.
Such a welcoming farm porch.Last evening we sat on it with our families and enjoyed the beauty of it but what made it enjoyable was the welcoming hostess.She quit with her work and made us feel welcome.Its the heart that makes the home welcome and the rest just adds to the experience.

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