German Village Garage Sale 2012

Treasure Hunting
We made t-shirts this year.This is my favorite day of the year.The German Village garage sales are in Columbus.

My friend Dixie went with me this year.And we had to stop at Johnstown,at the Dollar store, to get her a pair of look like Toms.For only $6. instead of $52.
We went for the night before the sale.So we stopped by Dixie's favorite store Macy's.
And was so happy that I found the dress I needed for a friends wedding I'm in this summer.
We ate at Bon Vie,and it
didn't disappoint us.Delicious!!!
Then we stayed with The Stauffer's.And we had a relaxing evening of laughter and having anticapation of what the next day might bring.
And she was off to fill up her cart.People asked her all day where she got her cool cart.And was my moms laundry basket on wheels.
These are a couple of treasures I found.Always wanted a pr of blue swaid shoes and monkey balls.
There are so many cool landscaping ideas and cozy gardens in German Village.
Could have went home with this truck for only $17,500. and the little girl wasn't included.
This guy said he also bought the wheel barrel.He went home with his treasures in pain.
Thinking this guy went home with no treasure but in pain too.
Loved these Poppy's
Everyone had to push the button to hear the lobster sing and dance,but thought billy bob the fish can sing better;)
This was my buy of the day.Got it for only $20.Needs a little TLC but that's what will make it special.
Was wishing this was for sale,but just enjoyed it anyway.
Wondering what we would have done without the Mama's cart.
My friend Cheryl joined us for a quick lunch,so we could be off to find the rest of the treasures.
This was another beautiful garden.
And these roses are beautiful.
I didn't buy this,but sorta wanted to.
By mid afternoon we were lusting through a little peep hole in the fence and asked them if we could join.And they said sure.
Liked this car.Think it be a great way to spread love every where you went.
My guess is this guy might have been looking for new shoes.
We were starting to wear out by this time of day.And so was she.
Thinking this was Dixie's buy of the day.And was also her first buy.For only $2 each
And we kept coming back to unload.Sures shes happy with the snapshot of this.
These people were so happy with their treasure had to take a picture.
The wonderful thing about garage saleing here is the atmosphere.
My guess is she might of been a little hot on this 90 degree day.
This sale couldn't have come at a better time it was hot and we were thirsty and Dixie bought the glasses so we got free drinks:)
She bought this propane heater for the cattle shows,for only $40.was $150 new and used once and was marked $60.But she went home happy that she found a deal for her farmer.
Dixie beat me to this one.But told her who ever gets it first its theirs so I'll just borrow hers.
Dixie also found this for $3.
And she already found the perfect spot for it.Sorry was to lazy to turn picture around.But think this brightens her dining room.
This hose reel was one thing she said shes looking for and she got it.You always have to go with a open mind.But she lucked out on this one.
The monkey balls have already found a home.
This was probably my deal of the day.Got 8 mugs for a buck.Paid a little more for the bowls.
Allen and the kids have already got their $5 out of this game.They love playing it.
Have never had one of these or a kitchen aid.But since i don't have a beater that works at the moment i was pleased with this treasure.
Bought this rug for $40 and they said it was a $900 rug,so I'd like to believe them:)
Just when we about couldn't go no more we looked up and there was a herbal store my friend had taken me a couple years ago, to get some amazing drops that takes away all your aches and pains.
And we giggled and felt like the Lord blessed once again and we drenched the drops on our aches and we were renewed.
This stuff is magic.
Also beat her to this shop vac.
Always room for one more right?
This was called the cheesy bus.
At the end of the day we both went our own way having build great memories and found great treasures but most of all knowing that there is enough junk out there for us allllllll!!!!!

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