Summer Thyme

This blogs going to be on ways that you know summer has arrived in the country.
My friend brought me a huge bag of fresh garden lettuce.And was so excited to have our first fresh lettuce sandwiches.
I planted these pretty flowers by my front door and they are such pretty color.
We've had amazing hot weather for this early in the year.This is Cooper a nephew with a little piece of watermelon.So nice to be able to go without a shirt.If only it was OK for us women to run around like this.
But am thankful we can cool off in our pool.This is Daisy the dog,with Qman n Syd.I had to work a little more this year to get water clean but got it cleared just in time for the hot holiday weekend.
We are almost done with our mulching.The kids helped me allot this year.And we spread 7 yards and still ran out.
Syd is the catcher in softball.And am proud to say she a very good player.
She is so determined that this summer she wants to drive this big mower.So we will she if she has the arm strength to do it.
My flowers are started to look really nice.
Have to water them every morning and evening when this hot.
This is part of a step ladder that broke and screwed the pots on the steps before planting them.
One thing that i love about summer is the flea markets and the festival.This was at the Dandelion festival.
Another plus is campfires.We have a Sunday night tradition in the summer time that we have campfires.Lots sticky fingers from eating roasted marshmallows, and play truth or dare.
Of the greenhouses are a delight to visit too.We are so blessed with our Holmes County greenhouses.So many green thumbs in our community.
This is one of the fairy gardens at a local greenhouse.
This was my husband and his father at a family cookout.His dad had just finished the beautiful patio in the back ground.
This another night of sitting on my parents patio with friends.Seems to be that there is so much more time for each other in the summer time.
Steve and Dixie took my parents 3 wheelers for a spin.And think they are now ready for pine craft next winter.
This is a cute picture of Daisy and Dixie. Not sure who's enjoying the ride more.
This summer make sure you don't let it pass you by,and enjoy every moment and memory you make.For time is the thing that you can not buy.Bloom where your planted and enjoy the ride.
This is Syd going down her grandparents huge slide in their woods.
Love the fresh produce stands.
Check out these two chics.My friend has her own chickens in the country.
And there is endless breath taking sunsets.Sometimes we see them while driving home from ballgames or evening walks or bike rides.But mostly from sitting on our back porch.Hope you and your friends and family will all feel blessed this summer.

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