Fruit Pizza Cups

Instruction On Making These Yummy Desserts
Think this will be my easy to make dessert of the summer.I got the recipe from a friend that got it on pinterest.But I altered it and made it even easier.
I got one these Pillsbury sugar cookie tubes and
cut it up in 24 pieces for two pans and put them in cupcake liners.I didn't worry about spreading them they melted when i baked them at 350 for 10 minutes.Make sure you don't over make.
as you can see,they turned out like little pie crusts.
Next I tubed in this cream cheese pudding you can buy at bulk food stores,also Rhodes has theme in their bulk food isle.
I took a spoon and smoothed the top and add my fruit.
And with the snap of your fingers,you got a dessert that almost everyone will LOVE!

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