Summer Fairy Garden Party

My friend Summer hosted another amazing party tonight.
This was on her kitchen table.
She had endless fairy gardens fixed up to sell at her garage sale and her shows.
It was like fairy garden heaven.
This looked awesome when it got dark and candles were lit.
These tiny baskets were so adorable.
And like the cabbage in this one.
This was on inside by her front door.
This really was my favorite one if i had to pick.
So much to see at her house.
Was a beautiful sunset tonight as we were sitting out on her back porch.
Hard to see ,but theirs a water fountain on inside this huge bird cage.
So stinking creative.
This was on top of her fireplace mantel.
And her cozy couch.
Cute swing in this arch.
Of course we had girly drinks and awsome food.
Summer made these heavenly desserts.
This is her with the cute little neighbor lady Verna.
These pictures arent the clearest but the food was so tasty and delicious.
We sat outside and ate and talked about sex and life and what makes the world go round.
This is my new friend Roxy and me.She was seeing if mine were for real;)
Summer telling Shana about what is to be expected in a married wife.
And Lisa taking it all in with her pretty smile.Missed a picture of Verna but nothing we said surprised her.
This was my basket of snacks I left my house with and came back home with my heart filled with inspiration and happiness after laughing till I cryed and sharing my fears with ones I love.

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