A Day In Venice

I met my friend in front of her church downtown.
These tall tree reminded me of Venice California.
We walked around to little shops,
their were quite a few resale shops which we both liked,
This is me on left and Barbara on right
was a cute little window display
to this shop,LOVED this store.was so inspired
was allot brick streets and sorta a Italy feel to the town
This the cute little cafe we ate at,
and the food was delish!
And guess the red hat lady are in Venice too:)
Then we shopped some more.
And she took me back to her home,which I shared with you in previous blog.Plus we stopped by some Goodwill's.
Then she took me out to the Jetty.
And it was absolutely gorgeous.
These pictures don't do justice on showing how amazing the water was.
Liked this sail boat.
This tree was so huge and cant remember name of it.
When I left I decided to drive up Casey Key.
Their were so many beautiful homes,
and the road is small and winds up past the coast.
Here their was a fountain in front of house.
The pictures didn't come out as clear as i would of like them to,
cause the time of day and where the sun was.
But endless homes of beauty to thee eyes.
like the entrance to this home
also liked the little pathway to the beach,and the flowers smelled heavenly
think this was my favorite one,great curb appeal
another beauty
Was told this was Oprah's house.But didn't see her;)
Was one of my favorite days since I had send the kids back home to go to school.
These were my treasures from the day.
the cream bur lee choc bar 1.69
the cool thingy off the tree 0.00
the silver feather bracelet 9.99
the polka dot crock 2.00
the light blue serving bowls 2.50 for both
the crab pillowcase my friend painted 5.00
the brown neutralizers shoes 3.00
the black shoes 16.00
i know the black shoe i had to buy new:(
and my friend gave me this painting that she did and i replaced it in bathroom in Florida house.
Then every time i see picture it will remind me of my day in Venice.

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