My Friend Barbara's House in Venice

Today I drove to Venice to meet my friend that had meet a year ago on Siesta Key beach.Her husband taught me how to play sudoku.And we started talked and we both had a burden on our hearts that day and started sharing and caring for each others story.And have stayed in contact since.They were from Columbus,Ohio before they moved here.
My friend has many talents,sewing,decorating,painting and has a kind soul.
This is her by her church where we met,to explore down town Venice.

She loves refurbishing things and has a wonderful flare to making something beautiful.
This was in her entrance.And the chair was from her great grandma.
Loved this cheerful couch,she'd say oh I got that at goodwill or I got that at a garage sale or that was brought here from Ohio.
That is I think why we liked each other from the beginning even if I didn't know that about her till we met to spend the day together today.
These bowls were a big love for me and she put them up on a ledge in her kitchen.
nice spoons and like blue kettle with the sign
She painted this picture of her hometown.It reminded me sorta of Granville,Ohio
Her husband and her made this shelf,it reminded me of a mantle.
She told me she collects anything with the # 5.Liked the nautical feel her house had.
She also quilts and she made this quilt that's folded on this bed.
She also has a liking for birds.....
and pears:)This cabinet came out their basement back in Ohio and was where they stored their paint in.She redid it and turn out a gem.
She made this beautiful gown and cap(hanging over mini rocking chair that think was her grandmas)for her granddaughters baby dedications at church.And on inside hem the names are written on them.#priceless
This was a picture of her grandma.
see how the shells are displayed
by the pool,think I'd love to have the morning coffee here
wonderful backyard and pool
She brought this gate with the move but painted it white so it would pop out in her backyard.
Barbara inspired me to see the beauty in all things and to make your own things when you see things you like and she has such graceful spirit that will live in me because I've met her.

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