Home Sweet Home

So nice to be back home.To our cozy home in the country.And while I was gone asked a friend to come over and rearrange my decor in the living room/kitchen area.Its open room,and just wanted to be surprised when I got home.And we traded services so worked out great for us both.
loved these fake peonies,they look real
this is above my island
by my front door
she did a wonderful job
I get most my stuff second hand,as I'm sure you've seen in previous posts
like the combo of still feeling like I'm still by the sea
got this huge jug at save n serve(thrift store)
She always part of the decor too.Feel so blessed with Arryn's talent and kindness and for coming home to a amazing husband and kids that love me.A home is what you make out of it and how you share it.

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