Succulence Wreath

Last year I seen one of these at a local greenhouse.And so this year I decided to try and make my own.And this winter I found the wreath made out of chicken cage wire at save n serve(local thrift store)for .75 cents.
And I used part of a burlap coffee bag and hot glue gun and covered wreath with burlap
all the way around wreath,except couple inches on top I left open to
fill the wreath with potting soil.And I put wreath in garbage bag to catch all extra dirt.
Then I hot glued last swatch of burlap on top to close it.Then took scissor to cut holes for succulence.
And this is finished project.Think it will be even prettier when plants grow together.
I just itching for all the pots I'm planting and excited for some new projects I got in mind for this spring.More blogs to follow.Happy Spring from my hut to yours.
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