Canning Demo at Walnut Creek Cheese

Yesterday I did a canning Demo at Walnut Creek Cheese.Its was a little more relaxing then being on TV. We canned my famous pizza sauce. First I grabbed a cart and got all the ingredients. Then I prepped the tomatoes. And the awesome part was I was allowed to use any gadgets in store. They told me silicone in a women's new best friend in the kitchen.Whisks,potholders,bowls you name it. And they clean up so nice too.Slowly my guests trickled it. And we started making the pesto sauce.
Like to use the roma tomatoes.And the big heavy kettles.That my mama always canned with.
For one batch of my sauce it takes about a half bushel of tomatoes. Here is the recipe:
 Pizza sauce
7 quart tomato juice
3 large green pepper chopped
3lbs. onions
2 cups of oil
¾ tsp red pepper
4 Tbl basil
5 Tbl oregano
1 cup sugar
½ cup salt
1 gal tomato paste
2 packs of Mrs. Wages pizza spice
1 container Parmesan cheese
Thicken with 1 ¼ cup perma flo and 2 cups water
First you cook ½ bushel tomatoes andput through Vic strainer to juice. Then put all the rest of the ingredients ina big kettle and simmer together while you mix perma flow with water. Simmerpizza sauce for half an hour. It makes 20 quarts. Put in jars in a hot waterbath for 20 mins. This is a family favorite, we use as a marinara sauce, pizzasauce, and spaghetti sauce. I hope your household enjoys as much as we do.
Here I was stirring to pot. Seems I'm good at that in life too. I
 believe you have to be intentional at keeping life exciting or you will have a boring life and its no ones fault but yours. Some people would also rather have a boring life.
I brought some of my goodies from home to show my guests.
Here we have the Victoria strainer all set up and ready to make the juice.
This was when I had everything set up and ready for guests to arrive.
This bowl is where I mixed the perma-flo and water.
These are the guests enjoy the pasta with the sauce. With my homemade apple sauce.
Miriam helped me with the pasta. She made the pasta in 5 minutes in a pressure cooker. I have that on my bucket list. Couldn't believe how fast it was done.
And my next show at www.walnutcreekcheese.com will be on August 3rd(fri) from 10 to 12. I'm going to teach you how to make hot pepper butter,Smokies and banana pepper salsa, And talk about hosting.
Hope to see you there just contact the store to sign up for the class.
Hope you are enjoying all the fresh veggies available right now and having fun in the kitchen.

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