My Live TV Cooking Experience

My first live TV experience was a pleasant one. I showed people how to can my famous pizza sauce. And I grilled
veggies. And I'll be honest that veggie thing was my first time ever making them. But I just winged it.
 My friend had asked me to do a canning demo,since I do all her canning for her the past couple years. We bartered our services. So she was happy with fresh canned goods in the city. And i got to have a flair of her interior designing,which is www.crimsondesigngroup.com at my house in the country.
Any way so the chef they were going to have on the show was in Hawaii. So they asked my friend if she knows someone and she said"I got someone that's perfect for it. "And she called me only couple days before and asked me,and I said sure. I'll do it.
And was very thankful for The Butter Churn from www.walnutcreekcheese.com, they donated all supplies.
Was so blessed with www.fashionbug.com for dressing me for show.
This when I had to pinch myself.That its really was going to happen. When the www2.nbc4i.com  vans showed up. And only 10 minutes before I wasn't dressed and throwing stuff together for the show. And realized that a lot of my ingredients were on thee other side of town, in my van. But Cheryl was so calm and collect and said they will never know.lol
We stayed at the parade house . So we got to shower in this dream shower. Just to bad I had to hurry. Since I didn't want to be caught naked on my first TV episode.
We also got to sleep in this luxury bed. Which was at the www.Millertroyer.com from BIA Parade Awards | columbus.
She was getting everything ready for shoot. We didn't rehearse or anything.
But Tom made me feel at ease. Such a nice guy and we grilled veggies first. And I'll be honest have never done this before,but pretended I knew what I was doing and 2 minutes before we went live I had a fire in grill,so just shut grill off.:)
Thanks to Brian for letting my have his tomato plant. And my neighbors and walnut creek cheese for fresh veggies.
I also did a segment on how to can my pizza sauce. And I'm doing another canning class on that this Friday July 6th at www.facebook.com/WalnutCreekCheese.  And you can sign up at store or call them.Info is on their facebook.
Here I'm showing how the vectoring strainer is used.
Think at this point I was starting to relax and enjoy it.
Think this wraps it up. Everyone asks me was it fun? And yes it was fun and would do it again. But most of all am thankful that my Mom has taught me how to can and want to carry that tradition on to my children. Most people are intimidated to can but its easier then most people think. And such a blessing to have it in your basement when you need it,and you know what your eating when you open the jar. So this summer try to can one thing and make memories while you do it.

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