Picker Sisters

This blog I'm going to show you how you can make trash to treasure or junk to funk. What ever you want to call it. We found these old zippers at share and care for pennies.
And here they are displayed so colorfully in glass jars in laundry room. My friend and I went to local garage sales and thrift stores and greenhouses in search for treasures on a project she was working on. And I decided to call our day a picker sister day named after a reality TV show where 2 friends drive the country and look for treasures and they have a high end retail shop in LA.

These are some egg containers to use as display on her pantry shelves in a model home.
Also got these other baskets in a warehouse dumpster.
Liked how these pieces are were displayed in the top picture.And LOVED these old alarm clocks we found.Might have been the best treasure of the day.
We found this old wire basket at a garage sale so we stopped at a greenhouse and had her fix it up.
Here it is set on a outside table.Little hard to see in this picture.
This is what it looked like finished.
We stopped along the way to let some Amish boys clean our car. And we knew the money went for a good cause.
This transformation was unreal with these flowers.
To this Wow!This center piece was stunning.
And so was this one.
Here she displayed one of them in laundry room also.
These were old music notes and looked amazing in this bathroom on black walls.
The pillow in back I made out of a old coffee bag.
We found this pulley at a garage sale for only a couple dollars.
And this oar for $1.
We found a treasure when we found these scrolls for 50 cents.
We went to local hardware for these things.
Feel so luck to have this picker sister in my life.In this picture I have my eyes closed cause we are laughing.That's what is great about this friend we laugh and cry together and keep each other inspired as we find our treasures in life.

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