The Private Reception Party Food

This is my friend Cheryl ready to rock out and host her private reception party at the Parade of Homes house that she designed and decorated.She owns Crimson Design.She asked me to make the food for the party.
Here I'm making fresh mint tea from my garden.I made 5 gallions.
Was so thankful for my friend Dixie for all her help with prepping food.Here she is making veggie pizza.
And I'm mixing veggies.
We also made my signiture fruit pizza cups in mini cups.
This is what our car looked like going to Columbus.
Our menu was:
Trail Bolonge and Cheese Squares
Veggie Pizza
Harvest Bean Salsa
Hot Pepper Butter
Ranch Oyster Crackers
Ranch flavored Pretzels
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Whoopie Pies
Mini Fruit Pizza Cups
Fruit and Cheese Plate
Mint Tea
Cucumber Flavored Water
Olive Tapernae
This was our spread of food.
They really liked my Hot Pepper Butter.And was a treat for the city people to have Amish Cheese and Bolonge.
Liked the display of the forks in strawberry box.The house is farm house style so went great with theme.
These oyster crackers are a favorite of Luis.
Shes making sure everythings good:)
Harvest Bean Salsa
Bryan did a wonderful job setting up drink table.
This patio is a dream hosting area.
This display was my favorite.
Flavored water and tea.
Wasa so thankful for Fees help.
The mini fruit pizza cups.
My neighbor lady made these whoopie pies for us.
Wishing I would have taken this shot on instagram.
Really liked her display of the stand.
This was the after party.We jammed the music and celebrated that we threw a successful party. SO thankful for all that helped make this party happen.  But most thankful for my kind husband for picking up the pieces I left behind,like taking care of kid events,watering my flowers and all the rest.

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