Quailcrest Farms Garden Festivals

This past Saturday I went to this festival north of Wooster.And this is one of best festivals,with the most creative vendors.I'm going to have allot of pictures in this blog.There were so many gifted people.
This was my friend Summers booth.
She makes the cutest fairy gardens.
She makes these cute herb signs out of forks.
This is her and Nikki waiting for people to buy their treasures.
Got this cute beach sign.
This is where I put it at my house.
I loved this booth!
They were all hand carved and were so unique.
Have seen these on pinterest.Like to try and make my own.
These houses are on my bucket list.
There was a bunch a people at this booth.So my guess is their famous.
The landscaping was amazing.
So much artsy stuff.
Met this lady and she was from Sugarcreek and has her own web site on etsy,and she blogs also.Her names Jessicandesigns
Also got this cute little wire basket in background.
Cool concrete mushrooms and containers.
Clematis that was beautiful.
These wine stoppers were being made by
this guy and you could watch him at work.
Local made pottery.
Liked this sign to hold important things instead of them hanging on your fridge.
Another fantastic idea.Blackboards:)

Whats cool about going to these festivals is you get to meet such artistic people.
These were dragonflies.Some these pictures didn't turn out to clear.
Hard to see but a turtle made out of rod iron.
This is the booth I bought my wine bottle tree from.
This is what it looks like in my flowerbed.
Like the shaker style house that sets on the estate.
Another idea but I'd use real flowers.
This one the most vivacious ladies I ever met,She's a breast cancer survivor and makes amazing jewelry.
Still thinking about the necklace I didn't buy.
This was a unique piece.
Liked this walkway.
Haven't swung on a swing like this in a long time.Made me feel like a child again.
hmmmm like this too.With some bright colored pillows.
Is this what you call a beach house?
A pretty waterfall in the gardens.
Got of these for 1.50.And this is what it looks like in my herbs
Wish I would have got a couple for gifts.
So much to see and so much inspiration.
Might try this next year.
Was a nice surprise to run into a couple my friends from Cleveland the I usually only get to see twice a year at ladies retreats.
This is make out of recycled glass pieces.
And who would of ever thought of this?
or this,saucer is bird feeder and light bulb is made into a bug.
This lady said she always gets noticed in this hat:)
To cute!!
Out everything I seen this is what I want to make for myself for the next garage sale,festival,or flee market.I get so much inspiration and energy from these kind of things.So I will keep looking and listening for when the next shenanigan's is and attend if it works with my schedule.

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