Pictureless Blog

This will be a blog that is picture less.Due to fact that my iPhone is broke.
Never realized how many pictures I took with my phone till its broke.
 Hi I'm Lena Schlabach and I'm addicted to my iPhone.
Today I would have taken a picture of a peacock in full spread and when I picked up my son from camp after not seeing him for 3 days.
I never knew how much I used it till I don't have it.
But sorta felt like the Lord was trying to show me what life was like before the phone when my water fountain randomly started working again.And realized how much you appreciate things when you don't have them and then for you to have them again,I take to many things for granted.I jump in car and go anywhere I want to,or I open faucet and get water out of it when ever I want to.I have all my children and my husband.The list goes on and on.
The question for the day is "Who's number did you memorize that's in your phone contacts?"Those are the most important people in your life.
Still feeling like I'm in boot camp of not having a cell phone and not proud of it.But has been a wake up call to reality.Seeing life not thru the lense.
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