Quality Time(one of the five love languages)

Time that we spend with each other is something that we never regret.Here the kids are waiting at 6am to fly to Florida with me on vacation.Unfortunately Allen couldn't come with us cause of work.
Here Quinton and his Daddy went to a basketball game together.They can spend endless hours talking about sports stats.Its one of the ways they connect.
This was a very cold day,that we went to a ice carving festival.And took allot convincing to get Quinton to go.But with some bribing that we will go to Iron Pony to eat afterward he was all in.Of course Sydni would go any where with anyone in heat or cold.She just likes to go away even if its to the bank.And of course every time asks for a ice cream cone.
One of the traditions we have had ever since we've been married is we eat at 4:45 together every day.And really helps us feel connected when life gets busy.
This is Sydni hunting with her Daddy.Quinton has already gotten 2 really nice bucks at his young age.Felicia never made a hunter and can't blame her.HATE GUNS!
This is the girls being silly at a breakfast.They are allot alike but would never admit to it.They are 7 years apart in age.And in this past year started to wear each others cloth.And after convincing of their mama, pinky promised each other to never fighting about cloth and that both doubled their wardrobe.Proud of our daughters.
We all love good willing together(I'm talking about the ladies of the house)
This was taken on our back deck.
Making our fairy garden together.Sydni's #1 love language is quality time.So she highly enjoyed the one on one with me.
We also try and keep our Sunday nights open for family.Allot of times with one of the grandparents too.We found out a couple years ago how you treasure time spend with someone.When you lose someone suddenly.
In the summer we spend allot time at games.Sydni plays soccer and softball.Quinton plays football and has been begging to do basketball too.And Felicia runs cross country.
We just celebrated Felicia's 17th birthday and she wanted to go to Bob Evans for breakfast.We have so much fun when we can all go as a family.And with her driving I treasure the times even more when we are all in same car going somewhere together.
This are funniest thing to do together in the summer.Its like having a vacation at home.
This was a wedding we attended this past winter.Allen's cousin Merle got married to a beautiful lady.
This was another cold windy day we went to PA to a chainsaw carving festival.
Here I took Syd and my nieces and nephews shopping and they got into the nylons in the shoe department.Don't even wanna think if they were on a old mans foot before their heads.Sometimes you got to just let them have fun.
Shes usually with in a 10 foot radius of where ever I am(Syd)
This was a memorable night out with the girls.We took a yellow chair in a mustard field and
to a couple other places and ate wings at our favorite place.
This was another crazy outing at a goodwill.Where we lol till we cried.
A garage sale adventure that almost left Fee with no room.
Our times together are not always sugar coated.This was one those moments and wish picture was plainer.Was Allen telling Syd to smile and act like she needs to and Q n Fee are lol.
We love to visit the city when ever we can.
And sometimes we like driving little back roads till we get lost and then try and find our way home.
Absolutely love taking vacations together.
This was a picture from last years homecoming.
This was at drum circle on vacation.We all love dancing together.This life's a big dance and full of romance so dance when you can and say yes and no with your time,so there is time left for the ones that really matter to you!
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