Body Language

What do you think these people are talking about? Just chit chatting about the"how's life?" Or maybe the kids or work?
If you see their feet and the direction they are pointed you will notice where their thoughts are. I'm thinking the lady on the right is listening with her one ear what the gentleman is saying to her,but is wishing to be in conversation with the group on the left. The direction your feet are directed has allot to do with your body language.
And your hands and arms do also.
Google it and you will be amazed at what you can learn on your language your body speaks to others.
Most of us are bilingual. We haven't taken the time to master our second language.
Surprised? The two languages you use every day are your verbal language and your body language. Most people continuously attempt to master the verbal part but pay little attention to the nonverbal,even as they express themselves through their bodies daily.
This gesture usually makes the listener of this conversation feel special but the on looker feel awkward.
This is a conversation of my friend with her Mom and the sister is looking in.
What do you think they were talking about?
Are you thinking but we can't see the feet?
I'm going to analyse these three men's conversation. That the man on the right has a great job opportunity for the other two men and they are interested. But the man on the left is guarded and is going to do what is best for himself.
Can you tell I love to analyse things and have a tendency to over analyse and am not proud of that.
Absolutely loved this picture of my friend Ruth and her sister. That I found last night on her face book. My guess is that they can be totally honest with their opinions to each other. And have a great love for each other.
Do you regularly get together to talk with your family about problems or the day’s events? Or is your idea of family communication nodding to one another as you pass each other on the way to the bathroom? Conversation is the key to any strong relationship, but family communication is especially important. Want to improve your family’s communication skills? Then research body language and see for yourself how it makes a difference.
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