Shana's Shower

So excited to share with you the pictures and spirits,from this amazing bridal shower my daughter and I attended on Sunday.
Shana is a unique lady that has a golden heart and is a dear friend to me. We are sisters at heart.
She had such a nice shower and these are only a 10th of the gifts she got.
This hostess definitely had the most est. She had the quaintest house and food. Her future sister n law had it at her house. And Shana's Mom also helped her with food.
She only has 17 more days of being single.(my daughter has been counting down the days)
Sherri had the neatest collections and loved how she displayed them.
These hats hung in the entryway.
And you remember when your grandma had these?
She had a whole bunch these old fashion fans on top the sink.
She motivate me to go home and revamp my house.
This is the entryway to the sun room off her bedroom.
Bucket list!
And another one on the list.
The food was so delicious!
Shana's Mom made these red velvet cupcakes. So yummy!
Summer is signing the apron. What a great idea.
Almost forgot to show you the bathroom. Think you could soak all your worries away in no time in this one.
There was a full house.
And we enjoyed the front row seats as she opened all her gifts. She is registered at Walnut Creek Cheese and the Berlin Gift Barn. And got so many useful stuff.
What a great idea for a gift. Its to use at her wedding. Only Summer would have thought this.
My daughter Syd,absolutely loves Shana's. They really do have something special between them. Probably cause their both sweet.
Hoping this blog will inspire you to host a party and build your friendships.

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