On Friday I did a Demo at Walnut Creek Cheese. I show my guests how to can Hot Pepper Butter and Jimmy's with Peppers. And talked about hosting.
I always enjoy the ladies that show up for my classes.
They are help full and so friendly. And we share each others secrets in the kitchen.
Debra was so nice and helped me seal the Hot Pepper Butter.
The Jimmy's need only to hot water bathe for 10 minutes. And my Mom always stacked them so. And so I've always done it that way and it works.
Got my bushel Banana Peppers at Blessing Acres Produce stand.
She is just a little off C.R. 201 past Stan's Meats. Follow her signs.
I served cheese and crackers,cold cuts,and grapes.
My recipes for canning mostly come from my Amish neighbor lady. She is an amazing cook and gardener. And I just write them on the blank pages in my cookbooks. So I don't lose them.

3 cups white sugar
1 gallon sliced and seeded banana peppers
2 # little smokies
1-36 oz ketchup
1 cup oil
1 T. salt
3/4 cup perma-flo
1 cup water
Put all ingredients except perma-flo and water in a 8 quart kettle.Bring it to boil and add perma-flo mixture. Put into 10 pint jars and water bathe for 10 minutes. We like this with crackers for late night snacks.

42 banana peppers
1 pint mustard
1 quart vinegar
6 cups white sugar
1 T. salt
Chopper peppers and add rest in 8 quart kettle. Bring to boil and add:
1 cup flour
1 1/2 cup water
whisked together
Simmer for 5 minutes and put in hot jars.
Makes 10 pints.
We love this for sandwich spread and and dips.

So have your neighbor over and share your new recipes.

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