Trusting God

Some of us have a big God.And others not so much.Why you think that is?
I think sometimes we don't have complete trust and faith in our prayers.And we pray selfishly,for our will not Gods will.Trust me I've done it and still do probably daily.
I've had to go through some painful stuff this past 2 years to totally comprehend that.And am I thankful.Yes!I wouldn't have grown in my trust for the Lord if I wouldn't have experienced that.
I've learned to not put my trust in people but in God.He never disappoints you but people do.You put your faith in people and hold them up as a idol.They will disappoint you.We put our time and energy in relationships and sometimes its for the wrong reasons.Sometimes its for the right reasons.But if we put our time and energy in God we will never be disappointed.And we will build a trust with him.
I had two huge answers that the Lord protected me from in past two years that was all because I trusted him.And many small ones.
The one was a year and half ago I was going to start this business and I prayed one prayer for God to close the doors if its not meant to be.And the next day the door closed.And I thanked him for protecting me.And a year and half later it opened back up,and the timing is so much better now.Cause of my design team and many other things I can tell you about sometime.And the other prayer that God closed a door is my friend asked me to go to France with her this summer.And I was so excited.So went and got passport and then I prayed if I'm not supposed to go close the door.And the next day the door was closed.And am so thankful.Cause I wouldn't have had time or money to go to France with starting our business.
So I tell you trust him cause hes perfect and we are not.
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